Mastering your identity management with Keycloak

Setting up a robust and effective identity management that will manage your users, authentication flows, authorization layer can be hard. Join me in this workshop to learn everything about Keycloak, the popular Identity Management Server. After a quick recap of the main protocols like OAuth2 / OpenID Connect, we will see :

  • How to install and configure a Keycloak Server.
  • How to secure an “old school” monolith application.
  • How to secure a Microservice.
  • How to secure a HTML5 Front End application.
  • How to set up a fine grained authorization layer. We will also cover topics such as : user federation (federating a LDAP server), social media account linking etc …

At the end of the workshop, you will have a full understanding of Keycloak and you will be able to set it up by yourself.

Main language English Proposal
Audience level Beginner & novice
Type of presentation Slides and code

Sebastien Blanc

Sébastien Blanc is a principal software engineer with 12 years of experience. He works at Red Hat and works on the Keycloak project. Besides his "heavy" JEE profile (middleware, banking and insurance products) Sébastien likes advocating his passion through different conferences (Devoxx, JUDCon, JavaOne, SpringOne).

Company Red Hat