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Jarek Ratajski

Engenius GmbH

Developer, Wizard, Anarchitect - using jvm for more than 20 years.

Jakarta EE, Spring, CDI ..the bad parts

Java Language & Server Side

If You code in Java probably you deal with the frameworks mentioned in the title.
Maybe You even started to believe that they help to write code faster, safer and easily testable.
Well, that is just marketing. You encounter and solve problems caused by those platforms everyday and You simply ignore the costs... because You do not know the alternatives. 

In this session  I show why the king is naked (all the kings), why no serious project should use all those Bean based frameworks on production.
I will show problems are caused by container dependency injections and present more than 10 reasons why annotations such as @Transactional fail miserably – when You do not expect it.

Platforms that were created to solve problems of distributed programming and web development 20 years ago do not really help us that much in 2019. We have really better and safer alternatives now.

Enterprise Java
Spring Framework 5
Reactive Programming

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