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Francesco Nigro

Red Hat

I have been working for several years in the computer field. In the decade I have cultivated a strong passion in Java development, recently joined by C and ASM development on x86 / PowerPC platforms. A big fan of the DDD (Domain Driven Design) world, I have developed several Event-Sourced (and CQRS) high performance solutions in the medical and IoT field. I am an active member of various online communities on performance (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/mechanical-sympathy) and Senior Software Engineer for Red Hat in the messaging field, specialized in performance-oriented

You snooze, you lose.

Java Language & Server Side

One of the most complex thing in life and computer science is to wait: understanding what happen "under the hood" while a thread got asleep or is awaken is key to be reactive when needed. 
This presentation explore a real use case and its counterintuitive findings that have led to an unorthodox and surprisingly effective solution.


Performance Bottlenecks
Performance Issues

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