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Sebastien Blanc

Red Hat

Sébastien Blanc, Red Hat's Director of Developer Experience, is a Passion-Driven-Developer with one primary goal : share his passion by giving talks that are pragmatic, fun and focused on live coding.

Secure your Cloud Native Services in 50 minutes

Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

So you have all you services deployed in the cloud, Great ! There are some Spring Boot, NodeJS or even Quarkus services but now you need to secure them, handle identity management and propagate this info between these services ... In this session I propose to discover the different approaches you can take to tackle this problem : Service Mesh, using a proxy or going for in-build OpenID Connect libraries ? Starting from simple use cases, we will progressively address more complex use cases and each time illustrated it with a live coded demo. Few slides, lot of codes and concrete advice that you can apply straight after this talk

OpenID Connect
Cloud Native Applications

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