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Claudio De Sio Cesari

Freelance Consultant

Claudio is a freelance consultant, passionate about training, who started collaborate with Sun Microsystems in 1999. In his career he also worked with dozens of other IT companies, universities and ministries as Java developer, designer or architect. Today he primarily works as Java trainer for Oracle. He is the author of the bestseller series "Manuale di Java" from version 6 to 9, published with Hoepli, since 2006 among the most popular books on Java in Italy. In 2019 he published his first book in English with Amazon KDP worldwide: "Java for Aliens", updated to Java 13 (www.javaforaliens.com).

Stranger Things in Java

Java Language & Server Side

Ok, now that you know all about lambdas, modules and streams, do you think there is nothing left to learn? There are stranger things in Java! Have you ever used intersection types? Do you usually handle suppressed exceptions? Primitive types have no secrets for you, really? Are you sure you know all the keywords of the language?

If you have any doubt, Claudio will present a series of code examples and practical tips, to help you take advantage of Java's strangest things!

Java 1.8
Java 11

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