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Grace Jansen


Grace is a Developer Advocate at IBM, working with Open Liberty, MicroProfile and Cloud Technologies. She has been with IBM since graduating from Exeter University with a Degree in Biology. Grace enjoys bringing a varied perspective to her projects and using her knowledge of biological systems to simplify complex software patterns and architectures. As a developer advocate, Grace builds POC’s, demos and sample applications, and writes guides and tutorials. She is a regular presenter at international technology conferences and has authored a book on reactive systems. Grace also has a keen passion for encouraging more women into STEM and especially Technology careers.

Addressing the transaction challenge in a cloud-native world


With microservices comes great benefits but also great challenges! One such challenge is data consistency and integrity. Traditionally, tightly coupled transactions were used to ensure strong consistency and isolation. However, this results in strong coupling between services due to data locking and decreasing concurrency, both of which are unsuitable for microservices. So, how do we provide consistency guarantees for flows that span long periods of time in cloud-native applications? We'll address this challenge by investigating the Saga pattern for distributed transactions, the MicroProfile Long Running Action (LRA) specification and how these can be used to develop effective cloud-native Java microservices.