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Michele Mauro

Aton SB S.p.a.

A passionate developer from more years that I'm willing to admit, I've seen computers, software, tools and methods of many different sizes. Some of them I recall fondly, some I try to stay very away from. Since I love to talk and hear others talk about computer science and programming, I've been to many conferences, user groups, university classes and meetups, and spoke in some of them about my experiences and opinions. I usually work in Java, recently started doing some Kotlin, and had the luck of writing some Scala in the past. I am happy the most when my work makes others work less and better.

Browncoat, Umbrella academic, He/Him.

It all started with a question

Methodology & Culture

The birth of Computer Science is conventionally set upon the publication of Alan Turing's "On Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem" in the late 1936. However, it was not the first work on that subject, and only a last-minute rush by Turing, the influence of his supervisor and the best kind of inter-university communication made its publication possible. But some similar, and not so similar works, didn't make it and has been rediscovered only many years later.

To better understand CS today, it may be helpful (or necessary?) to know better its history, least we repeat it, or worse ignore the signs of tomorrow's innovations.