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Google Cloud Kubernetes Architecture trainer and Software Architect passionate about designing, implementing, deploying and testing highly concurrent and fault-tolerant soft real-time distributed systems. Proud Elixir/Erlang alchemist, captain Kubernetes and enjoying using GCP.

Your microservices from deployment to monitoring with Istio and Kiali on Kubernetes

Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

You plan to deploy your application on Kubernetes but don't know where to start ? Our workshop will help you to achieve that. First, through hands-on exercises using the "Hipster Shop" app (https://github.com/GoogleCloudPlatform/microservices-demo), we will recall the main concepts of Kubernetes. Then, to improve resilience, monitoring and security, you will deploy and setup Istio to manage your application. We'll take some time to focus on one of the core components of Istio, the Envoy Proxy. At the end, you'll deploy Kiali (https://kiali.io/) over Istio to get a visual overview of your application health.

Scheduled on Wednesday from 09:30 to 17:00 in Gemini