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Marcos Almeida

INVIVOO Software

Marcos ALMEIDA is a senior Software Engineer at INVIVOO Software where he develops its light microservices orchestration engine Koordinator. He is also a senior consultant in INVIVOO's Front End expertise. After a PhD where he worked on software and business processes support tools, he worked as a researcher engineer in international industrial research projects on cloud and big data applications.

Building a platform to integrate serverless and on-premise services

Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

Hybrid cloud services tend to move towards silos because of heterogeneous architectures (REST APIs, pub / sub message queues, functions, grids, ...). The integration of these different worlds often involves rewriting code to overcome communication issues between services. XComponent Scenario is a platform designed for the hybrid cloud to solve this problem. It provides a service catalogue and a set of standard connectors integrating serverless functions, REST APIs and other on-premise services in the same workflow. Let’s see how to handle all your services (AWS, Azure, on-premise, …) and capitalize on your Information System in one place without effort.

Supporting Microservices
Serverless Computing