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Philippe Anes


Philippe Anes is a Principal Software Engineer at Kyriba. Currently working on a team focused on design and finding a way to move to microservices. Worked in the fintech world for more than 10 years with the same mindset, constantly thinking how to improve software and keep things simple.

Transforming a monolith to an API platform

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APIs are everywhere; over the last few years, APIs have been increasingly considered as one of the most valuable strategies for modern business a.k.a the “API Economy” and organizations are very demanding. APIs are also the most common way for microservices to communicate between each other. But designing an API architecture is not that easy, especially when you are migrating a monolith to microservices, you are transitioning a SaaS infrastructure to the cloud and your business is growing very fast. During this talk, we will share our experience on how we are leveraging our services with APIs while we are modernizing our platform at Kyriba, a fintech founded 18 years ago and which became a global leader in cloud treasury solutions.

Microservices Architecture
API Gateway