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backend dev @Mirakl

Cooking masterclass : monolith to microservice recipe

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Mirakl, the leading provider of Marketplace Solutions, started the migration of their huge application toward microservices. Those last few years, the different teams have been facing a lot of problems. After some reflexion on this adventure, we realized that it's important to clarify this important and amazing process. On one hand, we have learned at our expenses that microservices are not the solution for all the problems. On the other hand, they are very interesting in the evolution of an application. The goal of this workshop is to retrace our story through different exercises. The class will treat of the following subjects: How do you split a monolith How do you communicate between microservices ? (HTTP, events, etc ...) Transaction with microservices Resilience in micro-service (peak load, network latency, outage ...)

Scheduled on Wednesday from 09:30 to 17:00 in Ariane

Spring Boot
Microservices Evolution