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Chris Bailey


Chris is the Chief Architect for Cloud Native Runtimes at IBM, leading teams that contributing to open source communities for the Node.js, Java and Swift runtimes. Chris has worked on runtimes, programming languages, and application frameworks for almost 20 years, and has most recently been focussed on enhancing frameworks and providing modules to make it easier to build best-practice cloud native applications.

Jakarta EE - Not just for Servers

Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

Function-as-a-service (FaaS) and serverless platforms increase productivity, enabling you to focus on application code, with the platform taking care of how to deploy, configure, run, and scale the code. They do however require you to adopt a new programming model, creating generic handlers or actions that lack the expressive APIs that you get from frameworks and standards such as Jakarta EE. In this session, you’ll learn how it’s now possible to create FaaS- and serverless-based applications using the same APIs you use today such as JAX-RS and you’ll see a live demo of an application being built and deployed as a cloud native application on Kubernetes using a combination of open source tools and Knative serving.