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Phil Hardwick


I'm a software developer at Mettle, a challenger business bank backed by Natwest, where I focus on customer onboarding and keeping us on the right side of the regulators! I'm a java developer with over 7 years experience. I've been involved with a large variety of projects, from public to private clients, with different teams and different ideas of what microservices are. I have a passion for quality and excelling at meeting non-functional requirements.

Pact tests: how we split up the monolithic deploy


At Mettle, we built our application as microservices from the start yet still fell into the trap of a monolithic deploy. We built the services independently but then deployed all the changes once a week. The key problem was: how do we know that when we deploy this one service it won't break everything? To fix this, we used consumer driven contract testing (using Pact) to make our services independently deployable and move towards flexible continuous delivery. Now all changes are deployed straight to production with confidence. I'm going to share our learnings so you can get the most out of Pact and avoid the pitfalls we found along the way. We will also spend time exploring the benefits of contract testing and how to implement it in your services and CI process. You should come away with a head start in understanding contracts and how it could give you confidence to deliver more frequently.

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