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Pierre Besson


Currently working as Site Reliability Engineer at Liquidshare, I contribute to JHipster since 2016. My contribution to the project have focused on integrating the Spring Cloud stack, docker and kubernetes support as well as monitoring.

Kubernetes Native JHipster microservices

Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

Kubernetes is eating the world. Teams around the world are realizing that Kubernetes is the answer to achieve immutable and declarative container based deployments. The JHipster project was quick to jump on the hype, starting work on the Kubernetes sub-generator back in 2016. However, in the meantime Kubernetes has evolved continuously and is now much more than simply a runtime for your microservices. Many projects such as Istio and custom Operators plug directly into the Kubernetes platform and offer solutions to microservices concerns (discovery, resiliency, monitoring, ...). This talk will show how to fully utilize Kubernetes as a platform for a Java microservices architecture generated by JHipster.