Yelda Erdoğan – Creative Thinking and Retrospective with LEGO Serious Play


Lego Serious Play is a creative method that engages people into the activity more efficiently. Using LSP provides an innovative and open medium where people easily express their opinions. People will be engaging more on decision making sessions, discussions and the training. LSP lets participants work with their hands and builds trust within the team. LSP method is solution oriented, unique for each application and customized.


Generally in any meeting, 20% of the people actively participate 70-80% of the time. Other 80% of them act on a listener level. Root causes of this issue is various. LSP aims to overcome this impediment and in a training session where LSP is employed every attendee participates 100%.


LSP Facilitator uses the methodology to collaborative insight in participants. LSP helps people to grab the topic, let them present their point of view and understand their ideas. LSP breaks habitual thinking and adds value to work.


We will make a workshop together by using the LSP method. I believe that the Retrospective is the most important collaborative meeting in Agile Methodology. The team gathers the challenges they have been facing, decides on possible improvement areas and agree on actions to take objectively. Retrospective meeting is more efficient and effective by using the LSP method. Team members will explain their points by using metaphors and storytelling. Mutual understanding develops between team members. LSP encourages the team, to investigate challenges and to decide actions on removing these challenges, while working.


Yelda Erdoğan

Yelda has been working on process improvement area for 15 years. She has experience on both waterfall and iterative/agile development methodologies and from diminutive to large projects. She's established process systems in compliance with standards or models or way of work.
Yelda especially focuses on efficiency and effectiveness of processes. She helps teams in understanding their processes and dynamics, via training and workshops. She is passionate about sharing her experience with people.
Lego® Serios PlayTM is a radical, innovative and experimental process. Yelda became a Lego® Serious PlayTM Facilitator because this unique process keeps the participants active and focuses on problem solving. As a facilitator, she helps teams establish strategies in various topics, build trust, increase communication effectiveness, improve efficiency of work by breaking their usual way of thinking.