Murat Yener – Hitchhikers Guide To Modern Android Development


Android ecosystem has been always welcome with the changes. However, latest improvements brought the platfom to a new level.

Android Lollipop offers sleeker and better looking UI/UX than ever as well as extending the old buddy to watches, glasses and even to automobiles. Android Studio provides better tools and functionality which Android developers were lacking and finally, best but not least, 3rd party libraries such as Volley, GreenRobot and Crouton give the freedom of unlimited abilities which are not covered by the SDK.

The talk targets experienced Android developers to adapt to modern age of Android development as well as making use of 3rd part libraries with high reputation to build high quality apps.


Murat Yener


Murat Yener is a code geek, open source committer, and a Google Developer Expert on Android, working at Intel as an Android developer. He is the author of Professional Java EE Design Patterns book from Wiley. He has extensive experience with developing Java, web, JavaEE, and OSGi applications, in addition to teaching courses and mentoring. An Eclipse committer and one of the initial committers of the Eclipse Libra project.


Murat is a user group leader, organizing GDG Istanbul since 2009.