Mite Mitreski – Reactive and Microservice Pitfalls


From JavaSpaces, JINI and GigaSpaces to SpringBoot, Akka and meteor.js .The talk will give an overview of Javaspaces with a short comparison with the latest trends of Akka, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Meteor JS and Netflix components.


Will cover some of the major pitfalls when creating reactive applications as well as the added complexity that might come with these applications. Best practices when building micro-services and how not to fall in some of the traps out there.


Mite Mitreski


Mite Mitreski works on custom enterprise application development and consultancy with primary focus on Java and JVM-based solutions. He also occasionally works as lecturer and technical consultant. Currently he is deeply involved in activities surrounding development groups in Macedonia, where he is currently the JUG Leader of Java User Group, Macedonia.


Often he speaks in conferences and tech meetups internationally. Mite has a great passion for free and open source software, open data formats, and the open web. More info on http://mitemitreski.com/