Christopher Batey – Building fault tolerant applications with Cassandra


Building fault tolerant applications requires application developers to change their mindset. There's no point building a resilient application if its database is a single point of failure. This talk will go into Cassandra’s fault tolerant architecture and why it was the Datastore of choice for companies like Netflix.



We'll have brief introduction to Apache Cassandra, how to interact with it from Java and how its architecture is built around being tolerant to faults. Then we'll talk about how developers' mindset needs to change when dealing with a distributed datastore, topics include: CAP theorem and cross datacenter latency.



People should leave with a good understanding of Cassandra and how using a distributed database is very different from a traditional relational database.


Christopher Batey


Christopher Batey (@chbatey) is a Software Engineer by trade and is currently employed by DataStax as a Technical Evangelist for Apache Cassandra. Chris has also worked for Sky, where he helped build their online television platform, and IBM, where he helped develop a variety of messaging products.



He spends a lot of his own time contributing back to the software community. He's founder of an open source test double for Apache Cassandra: Stubbed Cassandra, helps with the running of the London Java Community and blogs regularly at: http://christopher-batey.blogspot.co.uk/.