Çağatay Çivici – JSF with PrimeFaces


JavaServer Faces provides a powerful infrastructure for building RIA applications rapidly with Java EE. Combined with PrimeFaces, JSF unleashes its true power. This session takes you on a tour of the latest version of PrimeFaces—featuring a rich set of components, powerful Ajax APIs, a mobile web application RenderKit, the dialog framework, extensive client-side validation, a real-time push framework, and live scrolling—and explores the roadmap to JSF heaven.

Çağatay Çivici

Cagatay Civici is a member of JavaServer Faces Expert Group within JCP, the founder and project lead of popular PrimeFaces Component Suite and PMC member of open source JSF implementation Apache MyFaces. He’s a recognized speaker in international conferences such as JavaOne, SpringOne, JAX, Jazoon, Confess, JSFSummit and many local events such as JUGs. Cagatay is also an author and technical reviewer of couple of books regarding web application development with Java EE.