Büşra Deniz – WebRTC on Mobile


WebRTC is a new milestone in the evolution of the web. This technology allows us to quickly create real-time communication applications. Altough its main target is web browsers, WebRTC is becoming a popular real time communication technology used on mobile. By using WebRTC you can develop your own peer-to-peer video chat in a short amount of time. Also, WebRTC is very flexible, you can make calls to another networks that using offer/answer model, for example SIP protocol. In this presentation you can gain in-depth insights about how to implement WebRTC on iOS and Android mobile devices for a native experience.

Büşra Deniz

Busra Deniz is a Software Engineer who has a keen interest in developing high-quality software by applying agile principles and methodologies, especially Scrum. She is a Certificated Scrum Master and mobile engineer in Netas. Currently, working on an international project that provides iOS and Android SDKs those allow other programmers to develop their applications, which are capable of voice call, video call and IM using WebRTC.


Besides being co-organizer in two different community, Google Developer Group and WomenTechMakers İstanbul, she enjoys voluntarily organizing and speaking at developer events. Also, she believes in sharing knowledge and collaborating with the other people through these events, will come hand in hand with innovation and new perspectives.


She always loves being part of a team and thinks that individual commitment to a team is the key to success. As a result of that she is a big fan of agile methodologies including Scrum, TDD and XP. Except agile, she is also got excited almost every new technology in mobile platforms. And, as a software engineer, her goal is delivering software with high quality and robust architecture. In order to achieve that she highly relies on unit testing and mobile test automation.


Twitter : https://twitter.com/busradeniz
Linkedin : https://tr.linkedin.com/in/busradeniz
Blog : http://www.busradeniz.com