Stefan Lüders

Tools & training for more secure software

Just by fate of nature, software today is shipped out as “beta”, coming with vulnerabilities and weaknesses, which should already have been fixed at the programming stage. This presentation will show the consequences of suboptimal software, why good programming, thorough software design, and a proper software development process is imperative for the overall security of the Organization, and how a few simple tools and training are supposed to make CERN software more secure.

Stefan Lüders, PhD, graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and joined CERN in 2002. Since 2009, he is heading the CERN Computer Security Incident Response Team as CERN’s Computer Security Officer with the mandate to coordinate all aspects of CERN’s computer security — office computing security, computer centre security, GRID computing security and control system security — whilst taking into account CERN’s operational needs. Dr. Lüders has presented on computer security and control system cyber-security topics at many different occasions to international bodies, governments, and companies, and published several articles.



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