Daniel Lanza Garcia

Big Data at CERN

Big Data technologies are becoming more popular with the constant grow of data generation in different fields such as social networks, internet of things and laboratories like CERN.

How is CERN making use of such technologies? How machine learning is applied at CERN with Big Data technologies? How much data we move and how it is analysed? All these questions will be answered during the talk.


At CERN, an organisation that Daniel Lanza Garcia joined more than 2 years ago, he is working on developing and providing Big Data solutions. During his two Degrees and two Masters, where he studied computer science, telecommunications and Big Data, he has been specially interested in Evolutionary Computation, field of knowledge where he has several publications.

His attention has been mainly in joining the two fields he loves, Big Data and Evolutionary Computation, hence he has worked on integrating them to speed up evolutionary processes by running them on distributed environments like Hadoop. However, he has also worked in a bloat control mechanism for genetic programming algorithms to avoid the grow in size and computational cost of individuals (solutions).

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