Antonio Goncalves

When Java EE Micro Profile meets Angular

You know Java EE ? You know Micro Services (or sort of) ? You know JSF but don’t use it anymore ?
This talk is targeted at Java EE developers who want to discover how the Micro Profile fits today in a Micro Service architecture with an Angular front-end. The talk is divided into three parts :
1) Presenting the Java EE Micro Profile using WildFly Swarm
2) Discovering TypeScript and Angular
3) Create an Angular web interface to interact with the REST back-end (API, Swagger, JWT, Etag…)


Antonio is a senior developer specialized in Java/Java EE. As a consultant he advises customers and helps them in defining and developing their software architecture.

This Java Champion is also the founder of the very successful Paris JUG, Devoxx France and an independent JCP member on various JSRs (Java EE 6, Java EE 7, Java EE 8).

Based on his Java EE experiences, he has written three books covering Java EE 5, Java EE6 and recently Java EE 7.

Antonio Goncalves

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