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Stretching your coding skills

As a seasoned and experienced developer, when working on a feature you have many things on your mind like:

  • code quality
  • the correctness of the solution
  • test coverage
  • code readability
  • software design
  • among others…

There are no perfect solutions, but solutions that work, and can be understood and easily changed by others.

Without giving away too much about the outcome and purpose of using the kata, the kata is meant to primarily test and stretch your coding skills – TDDSoftware designSpecification analysis/interpretation, among other skills as a developer.

Every session, every attempt by a developer opens up new avenues and discussions. We will all learn from the questions asked and discussions throughout the session.Towards the end of the session, you will showcase your code to the rest of the attendees, and explain the rationale of your approach and be able to reason the whys and hows.

We are NOT attempting to complete the kata but learn from our approach(es) and share it with others. Please come to the session with a development environment of your choice (any language/platform).


About Mani Sarkar

A passionate developer in the Java/JVM space. Currently living and working in the UK. A JCP Member, OpenJDK contributor (very involved with the project), involved in a number of developer communities, and F/OSS projects. He sees himself working in the areas of core Java, JVM, JDK, Hotspot, Graal, VMs, Nashorn and Performance Tuning. An advocate of a number of agile and software craftsmanship practices and a regular at many talks, conferences, and hands-on-workshops – speaks, participates, organises and helps out at many of them. Expresses his thoughts often via blog posts, tweets and other forms of social media.