Luca Mezzalira

Conference Session


Streams, Streams, Streams

Reactive Programming is a buzzword that is growing more and more every year, with this talk we are going to demystify the key concept behind Reactive Programming: STREAMS! There are many types of streams and often we relying on Rx.JS only but understanding what there is behind a library and moving to more abstract concepts will allow us to use any Reactive library available like XStream or Most.js On top, we are going to see when to use streams and how to implement in modern web applications


About Luca Mezzalira

I’m a Systems Architect with 15 years of experience, a Google Developer Expert on Web Technologies and the London Javascript Community Manager I had the chance to work on cutting-edge projects for mobile, desktop, web, TVs, set top boxes and embedded devices. I’m the author of Front-End Reactive Architectures from APress. I think the best way to use any programming language is mastering their models, that’s why I spent a lot of time studying and researching on topics like OOP, Functional and Reactive programming. With these skills, I’m able to swap easily between different programming languages applying the best practices learnt and driving any team to success. I’m a natural leader, delivery focus, a problem solver and a game changer, I use my passion on any aspect of my job from the flow definition to the automation processes. I try to cover any detail to improve the company standards, empower the teams and deliver the expected results. In my spare time, I wrote for national and international technical magazines and editors, I’m also a technical reviewer for APress, Packt Publishing, Pragmatic Bookshelf and O’Reilly.