Krishan Bhasin



Getting started with machine learning: Predicting the future without all the maths

Convolutional neural networks? Stochastic gradient descent? Multivariate linear regression?

Machine learning is a big buzzphrase that contains many big buzzwords that distract from how simple models can be very useful in many different fields, and even put people off from trying to learn the basics.

This talk will address those two points, explaining what machine learning is really about, what a simple model looks like, and how you can get started with using them.


About Krishan Bhasin

Krishan graduated in 2014 with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering, and after a period of soul-searching & travelling, started work in the software industry in September 2015. On his graduate program, he has worked in Cloud Architecture, Software Engineering, and Data Science. He is currently part of the Data Engineering team, building the tools around & including their Data Lake and Ingestion Pipeline within AWS. Outside of work, Krishan likes to go backpacking, trying new beers or wines, attempting to learn Spanish, and occasionally hacking silly little projects together (like Percy the self-watering Parsley plant