Katharine Beaumont

Hands-on Lab


Robot (Maze Runner) Wars

Want to play with AI and mazes? Using Java, we’ll dive into some of the Machine Learning concepts behind computer games and robotics. For the first section, we’ll take a look at the algorithms we’ll need for our robots, with practical coding examples for you to complete. This is to get a feel for what’s happening, and how it works. In the second section, we’ll use the theory to train pairs of robots to competitively navigate a maze, setting teams or individuals against one another. By the end of the workshop, you will have trained a robot to navigate through a maze, and compete against a challenger. Bring your laptop with Java 8 ready to go!


About Katharine Beaumont

Katharine is a Java developer, having worked on medical software, Big Data and complex event processing, web development and machine learning. She has given a number of conference talks on her experiences in the software industry. With a background in law, science, mathematics and more recently machine learning, she (unsurprisingly) loves learning! Having worked as the Community & Content Manager for Voxxed, she is now taking a Computer Science Masters with a focus on AI and Machine Learning. On the side, she is freelance/a Pluralsight author, enjoys playing with Matlab/Python/Ruby, cycling and living on a farm.