Vast.com is the leader in vertical search for cars, travel and real estate. A successful, thriving Internet company, Vast provides its decision­making tools to customers and sellers in the midst of complicated purchases. Through Fortune 500 publishers such as Yahoo, USAA, Southwest, and AOL, Vast supports consumers through the lengthy sales cycles involved in the biggest monetary decisions of their lives: their homes, their cars, and their vacations.

We start by making sure we have every item available in each category. That means millions of cars, homes, and vacation rentals all ready for purchase. Our PhD’s and search engine aficionados develop sophisticated analytics engines to determine optimal placement of each item listed.

We have some of the brightest minds conducting deep analyses on why customers act the way they do. We power solutions by designing engaging interfaces that lead the consumer through complex decisions. We live and breathe in an environment that allows us to constantly refine and reinvent experiences.

Our team is given the freedom and support to tackle complex problems. We constantly challenge ourselves to improve and we are always willing to entertain new ideas from any member of our team.

Our headquarters is in Austin but we also have an office in Belgrade, Serbia and an engineering team located in Kiev, Ukraine.

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