Helloworld.rs is part of Infostud, one of the leading Internet company in Serbia that develops and maintains useful sites.
Helloworld.rs is intended for ICT professionals. We try to enhance chances for their IT career change. We collect a comprehensive list of IT job offers and try to cover all IT job oppenings in Serbia.
Also we save time spent on informing about future employer - for each company we collect publicly available information so ICT professionals can save time searching for information on the employer.
We publish news about important events in the ICT industry, trends and developments on field of labour market too.
Helloworld.rs has recently launched a new project - IT Insajder - which aims to increase transparency in ICT companies and ICT departments of companies.
IT Insajder provides an insight into ICT workplaces. We create the database of anonymously published interview and work experiences of IT employees. IT Insajder is intended for candidates who want positive change in their IT careers.
We are here for the candidates, in order to facilitate their journey to a successful ICT career!



IT Insajder