Design. Build. Deploy.

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Design. Build. Deploy.


We are Deploy, a global technology services company based in Austin, Texas, with offices in Los Angeles, New York and Belgrade. We partner with some of the world’s best-known brands, leading creative agencies and technology startups to develop world-class technology solutions used by millions of people around the world.


Our latest project is the Ray Super Remote, which we’re developing in partnership with Ray Enterprises in New York City. Ray is an amazing new product that will change how people watch TV.




The television-watching experience remains somewhat broken. Interacting with set-top boxes and multiple remote controls is complicated and difficult.




Build a device that helps viewers easily discover and watch TV content, and de-clutters the coffee table in the process.







The idea is to go with a dedicated physical device to be shared by members of a household, with a smartphone-like interface that would be instantly recognizable to anybody familiar with touchscreen devices. Ray is an elegantly designed handheld unit, featuring its own custom OS running our Android-based application, and quickly connects to most any configuration of home entertainment center and service provider. Connectivity is via either an old-fashioned (but extremely powerful) IR blaster, or via Wi-Fi.


The old way of finding televised content is on its way out. Traditionally, viewers settle on what to watch either by navigating through EPG grids or via traditional channel flipping. Increasingly, they use an additional remote to access a DVR or OTT set-top box for video on demand. Enter the Ray Super Remote, which ties it all together in one device and serves up programming simply and cleanly and learns the viewer’s habits and preferences as it goes.


The centerpiece is the Live TV application, which brings all content together in an array of intuitively-organized categories. A powerful Search feature filters through that vast amount of programming data, covering everything from what’s on now to what will broadcast up to two weeks into the future, and for which users can set reminders. A dedicated Kids app makes browsing child-friendly content easy for youngsters, while a Sports app helps fans find exactly what game they want to see, no matter how popular or obscure the league. And for those stuck for ideas there’s an editorial “Best of” feature with all the most critically-acclaimed shows compiled in one place!




Ray is one of the most exciting, but at the same time demanding Android projects being built in the region. The team has faced many challenges while building firmware and software from the ground up, but Android force is strong with this one. Not less demanding has been the work on the backend systems, Java based monster platform powered by some of our industry’s best-of-breed products keeps Gigabytes of data humming through the system. Come visit one of our tech sessions to find out how it was all done.


In future there is room for much more, we want to see Ray Platform by next year, open up our APIs and enable developers to create their own apps for this amazing device.




Despite growth in the last years, Deploy retains the nimble development ethos of a small shop. We embrace Agile, but are not locked into single methodology. The best tool for the job is our thinking.

We have extensive experience working across platforms including web, mobile, connected devices and firmware. Our goal is to demonstrate value at every step — from discovery to deployment, and as long-term, fully-integrated partners.