Why should you care about the product?

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Today we have talked with one of our partners about their approach to work and how they build products. You will find out why UX is important and how to build software in a more efficient way.

Here is what SpiceFactory team have to say
Everybody in our team tends to understand the product and the business behind it. That way we are goal oriented and able to connect better with what needs to be achieved. Asking many questions is in the core of our process. UX is important to us and until we don’t have good understanding about target users we do not proceed forward.

Focusing on the usability of an application is one of the practices that is undervalued and overlooked. Design is not just how software looks, it is how it feels and how it works all together. UX practices are consisted of constant measuring and analysis in order to help people build products in an evidence based discipline. You directly apply what you have learned on the field to your solution. Satisfaction that you have when you see how satisfied your users are is priceless. Branko Tomić
Branko Tomić
Lead UX Engineer

Our UX process is outlined in one of our posts. In short it consists of: user interviews, personas, user journeys, prototyping and validation cycles.

Software development follows the practice outlined above. Our team seeks the best technology to solve the need.

Jovan Erčić
Jovan Erčić
Lead Software Engineer
Message passing software architectures and functional programming paradigm help us create simple and scalable solutions which we can deliver quickly and are highly maintainable. Immutable state that is built as one of the core principles in functional programming helps us make cleaner solutions which leads to smarter decisions and time to think more about the architecture before writing a single line of code.

Our toolbelt contains Scala, Clojure and frameworks/libraries that support outlined paradigm like React.js, Akka, Vert.x.

We would love to talk with you! Drop us a line at hello@spicefactory.co and let’s meet at the conference!