Be proud! Be awesome! Become a Voxxed Volunteer!

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It’s a late afternoon. The weather outside is cold, and you sit tucked into a cozy armchair by the fireplace. Slowly falling asleep. A lot of years have already passed, but they were good to you. You’ve accomplished so many things.

Sounds of children wake you up from a light sleep. The rumble of children’s feet echoes in the house, and soon the room is filled with your grandchildren – bit dirty, smiling, shiny. They quickly sit next to you, close to the heat of fire. “Grandpa, tell us again the story of you being at Voxxed in Belgrade!” they asked. You laugh, roll up the sleeves, and watch the kids in awe, staring at your tattoo “Voxxed Days Belgrade 2015”. You tackle your moustaches, make a little break, and start “It all started with an email…”

Back to the future: this is precisely that email! 🙂

You have a unique opportunity to join Voxxed team as a volunteer and participate in the organization of the first Devoxx, large, independent, technology conference in the region! You gain a lot, for free 🙂

On this link you have more details about what we need and what do you get in return:

Application for volunteeers

It would be helpful if you’d share this call with other people 🙂 Thank you!