DevHero: Bartek Zdanowski | SuperPower: Vertices Power Blast

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Bartek Zdanowski | SuperPower: Vertices Power Blast

1. What did you want to be when you grow up? And how did you start programming?

My first work I wanted to have was looking after the cows. I grew up in the country and I was excited when my colleague’s father looked after a herd of cows.

Then the father was kicked by a Bull in a very delicate place…and that was it. I changed my mind 🙂
I started programming when I was in a fifth grade (12 years old). I learned Turbo Pascal. I had wonderful Computer Science teacher that supported me.

2. Why do you consider IT conferences important? What meaning does Voxxed have for you personally?

IT conferences are those rare times when we meet masses of people that are just like us. All of them speak the same language – IT language. We can talk, share experiences and share excitement about the computers that our wives / husbands and friends don’t understand 🙂

Voxxed Days Belgrade is another opportunity to meet great people and share my experience in IT. Besides that, I’ve never been to Belgrade so that thrills me a lot to go there!

3. What is the craziest thing that happened to you that involves technology?

I’ve joined the team that builds second Polish student Satellite – PW-SAT2. I will support Ground Station Team that will create communications software for sending and receiving data from the Satellite! That’s very exciting!