DevHero: Zoltán Németh | SuperPower: Invisible Ray of Servicinix

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Zoltán Németh | SuperPower: Invisible Ray of Servicinix

1. What did you want to be when you grow up? And how did you start programming?

The earliest memories I have about this is that I wanted to be a garbage collector guy who is allowed to travel standing outside on the garbage truck in bright yellow uniform 🙂 Then I had the usual dreams as every boy: astronaut, train driver, steamboat captain. Programming came into my life at the age of six, when my father brought home our first Commodore 64. I had a lot of spare time in the summer break and so I had enough of the few games we had quite quickly. My father had some books about BASIC and so I started experimenting with it. Got addicted ever since 🙂

2. Why do you consider IT conferences important? What meaning does Voxxed have for you personally?

Conferences are a very important form of meeting interesting people from all over the world and sharing ideas and experiences. I also like to think about them as a catalyst for professional life in a region. Voxxed is a great idea and I’m happy that it comes to Belgrade so I can be a part of it.

3. What is the craziest thing that happened to you that involves technology?

I guess that the craziest things are always done by humans creatively using technology. For example at Ustream we had a live broadcast, a camera showing a glass of water with a slowly dissolving drop of paint in it. It was going on for hours, and had tens of thousands of viewers.