The Geekiest Summer Sale is ON

20-Jul / 0 COMMENTS

Voxxed Belgrade Team was working very hard this whole summer ensuring you have a great time at the October conference.

After booking Kinoteka as the venue (one of the most beautiful congress spaces in Belgrade), we focused on the programme, being the most important part and the highest value you will get.

Next to the announcement of collected and accepted CFPs, we crafted the final list of speakers which you can view here.

We are super excited about the parties as well and we have a dedicated team working on that as we speak 🙂

You will have it all during Voxxed Days in Belgrade: exciting lectures, workshops, panels, parties, networking, job fair, you name it!

To spice it up, today we are announcing an awesome discount. You can get your Voxxed Days ticket for 22,750 rsd (instead of 28,750 rsd).

The number of Summer Sale tickets is limited to 70, so you might want to hurry up 🙂

Meanwhile, can you help us with this Java code? We don’t have a clue what it does – or does it even compile 🙂

public static void main(String[] args) {
  java.io.PrintStream voxxed = System.out;
  for (long h : new long[] {35051433327616502L, 1122946205829478067L, 6263810358889L})
    for (long l = h; l > 0; l >>= 5)
      voxxed.print((char) (((l & 31 | 64) % 95) + 32));

Be sure not to miss the most prominent developer conference in the Balkans!