M&M results!

22-Jun / 0 COMMENTS

After a long wait, here is the result of our MM challenge!

But first, let’s talk about what we learned:) This time it is: there are always MORE M&Ms then you realize! Vast of people (including us!) submit significantly smaller number of MMs. We even have 2 serious studies (that included size of MMs, bowl volume, length of the hand…), and still the number was far. Here is the answers distribution provided by Goran Rakić (thank you!):

Ok, ok, the result… Well, not yet. Here are the photos of all MMs before they got into the bowl:

And here is one very interesting 3D simulation, made by Vlada Stanković: MM simulation! Very amazing 🙂

Finally… the moment you all waited for… the number of MMs in the bowl is… (drum-roll)… 280!
See MMs in action!


This is funny part – we underestimated developers. We had even 3 wild guesses that choose an obviously developer-friendly result: 256 🙂 So we have been hacked, in a way. The 3 winners are:

Since there can be only one, we had to choose our winner randomly… And the winner is:

Milan Boričić! Congratulations! (p.s. contact us to claim your award!)