One reason why having Gosling at the conference would be a great thing, and one why not

22-May / 0 COMMENTS

We all know about James Gosling. And whenever he appears at the conference, he attracts a lot of attention. This is a kind of a good thing, right :)? Imagine you can brag about touching his coffee cup!

Just for the record: we would have a totally different session with Gosling. No, we would NOT ask how Java got its name. And NO, we would NOT ask what he thinks about Sun or Oracle. Or Google. We would NOT ask what he thinks about Scala.

Instead, we would ask him about his passion. About the hard drive that keeps him going. We would try to reach as many people with his talk. It does not matter if he would talk about Java or marine vehicles or trip to Mars, the key is in learning, exploring, pushing yourself further. We would ask him about his feelings and hopes when this video was made. The good thing is the influence and impact he can make on other people, and that would be priceless.

Btw, we could make a big submarine made of yellow balloons on stage that would flow between balloon-made fishes and corals 🙂 Don’t believe me? Well, there is only one way we can find out!

Now, why having Gosling wouldn’t be so great from his perspective? Because he is probably sick of all the talks and traveling (especially when he is invited to a far away country he’s never heard of:) He is probably tired of being treated specially. I bet he just wants to sit down and get a beer, talk about last week’s weather, sport game and comment people that passes by (btw, Belgrade would be a great place to do so!). And last, but not least, we would ask him to throw cakes on people! That is not so great, right?

(by Igor)