Organize a conference? Are you f* crazy!

13-May / 0 COMMENTS

That was the first reaction of my friend when I told him about Voxxed Belgrade 2015 🙂

And he was right, organizing a conference is really a tough task. You have to achieve 3 things:

  1. Collect enough interesting talks, as the content is the king;
  2. Find sponsors among tech companies (probably winning marathon would be easier);
  3. Invite as many people as possible to come to the conference (probably winning marathon backwards would be easier).

But you know what the Master says:

No try. Do. Or do not.

So we are doing it! To be honest, it is really f* though, and many times I was tempted to apply for the next marathon race 🙂 But then I recall the promise we made: to organize an awesome event, where sharing knowledge and human interaction is top priority.

And only then I can go to sleep.

(by Igor)