Yorgos Saslis


Yorgos is an OSS enthusiast and software craftsman, with a background in concurrency and distributed systems in the telecoms domain. He cares about improving the problem-solving process – not just solving the problem itself – with an emphasis on automation. He helps teams practice clean code and improve their software delivery processes. As the founder of two meet-ups for developers in his home town and the AgileCrete open space unconference on the (paradise) island of Crete, he clearly believes deeply in the power of community, whether offline or online. He is also on the Org team for the exclusive JCrete Java unconference.


Your Local Meet-up: Your Path to Crafts(wo)manship

15' talk

If you are serious about improving your craft, don’t rely on self-practice. You need others to pair and interact with, because -remember- you’re only as good as your team. Your local Software Crafts(wo)manship meet-up is where you’ll find them. And this talk is about how to start one, so #noExcuses!

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