Voxxed Athens 2018 Workshops

Maximize your visit to Voxxed Athens 2018 by attending one of the several half-day or full-day software development workshops we offer. They will take place on the Thursday 31st of May, one day before the main conference day

These intensives half-day or full-day workshops are offered by thought leaders in their fields of expertise and they know of what they speak! Pack your turbocharged learning receptors and get ready to drink in the knowledge.

All half-day workshops are free to attend. However, to confirm your seat and to avoid no-shows you need to register and get a 15EUR value ticket. This amount will be completely reimbursed after the end of the workshop. In case of no-show, the amount will not be returned

Java 9 Deep Dive

Java is the world’s most popular programming language. Java SE 9, is the result of an industry-wide development effort involving open review, weekly builds, and extensive collaboration between Oracle engineers and members of the worldwide Java developer community via the OpenJDK Community and the JCP. It’s also the …

Angular (v6) Fundamentals

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Learn how to develop, build, and deploy Angular (v6) applications using the most important Angular features. We’ll use the Angular CLI to crank up a new application and then to build and serve it. We’ll discuss the design of component trees, how to define routes, lazy loading, production build optimization, services and dependency injection, and much more.

Docker Swarm: Up and Running

Would you like to use containers to optimize the way you utilize and manage infrastructure? Are you bored of naming servers and remembering by their name? Do you want to improve the security of your production deployment, by containing – pun intended – any possible attackers to the minimum possible surface?

Developing on Ethereum

Are you a Software Engineer looking to enter the fascinating blockchain world? This 1-day course will give you all the tools you need to start developing smart contracts in Ethereum. By attending this course, you will start off with the Blockchain theory and…

Unleash Your Creativity

For innovation to flourish, organizations must create an environment that fosters creativity; bringing together multi-talented groups of people who work in close collaboration together. Creativity is a skill you can develop with practice and a process you can manage. In this creativity workshop…

UX and UI Usability Principles for Developers

In this session we explain the basic differences between UX and UI and we give a ruleset of 10 practical heuristics for making sure a UI has as few usability problems as possible. The participants will go away able to apply these heuristics right away, as well as assess and challenge UI designs!

Fast food for thought: How to get a prototype up and running quickly.

Forget about designing your prototype, just dive in and start assembling nodes! It’s what designing by coding should always have been.
Want to create an API that predicts if your skin is going to get dry today? Well, actually there already is one, we’ll show it to you!