Voxxed Athens 2019 Workshops

Maximise your visit to Voxxed Athens 2019 by attending one of the several software development workshops we offer. They will take place on the Thursday 6th of June, one day before the main conference day

These intensives workshops are offered by thought leaders in their fields of expertise and they know of what they speak! Pack your turbocharged learning receptors and get ready to drink in the knowledge.

John Papa

Vue.js Fundamentals

Do you want to learn the fundamentals of Vue so you can start creating apps right away? Join us and you’ll learn Vue from the ground up including how to display data, capture user interactions, create components, communicate across components, debug your app, add in plugins, and so much more…

Denise Jacobs

Hacking the Creative Brain

As tech professionals, what we need is a way to work better so that we can create more, right? As developers, we hack all of the time. Our brain is our most powerful tool, but so often the practices and culture of work only stifle our efforts to produce fresh ideas and approaches when most needed. In order to have more creative productivity, we need to…

John Papa

Angular Architecture and Patterns

Are you building Angular apps today? Are you following established best practices? How easy will it be to maintain and refactor the application in the future? If you’re starting a new application from scratch, what application architecture should be used? These types of questions…