Security issues and challenges when building novel web applications

Security issues and challenges when building novel web applications

At SIG, we have extensive experience in conducting secure code reviews and developing secure applications. In this talk, we will address the typical security pitfalls in modern web applications. We will also explain how developers can prevent them during the software development lifecycle.

Today’s modern application frameworks provide many security features that make applications more secure by default. At SIG, we have an extensive experience in performing secure code reviews and guiding software developers on how to implement security by design.

Secure coding is an extremely challenging task where even trained developers struggle with defining, implementing and adopting secure coding guidelines. However, this task can be simplified when adopting the security features of the underlying frameworks. For instance, vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and Cross-Site Scripting etc. are being addressed by the frameworks and regular developers should not be bothered with them. Nevertheless, new technologies come with new threats and mitigate them can be sometimes difficult.

In this talk, we will go through the security issues that typically pop-up when developing software using modern frameworks and technologies such as AngularJS, Spring Boot and MongoDB and we will explain how to prevent these issues before it is too late.

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