Docker Patterns

Docker Patterns

This talks present several Docker Patterns for container configuration, service discovery and image building. Several alternative solutions for these common problems are provided. All patterns are explained in details and with live demos.

It is for sure fair to claim that Docker changed the way how we develop, ship and run applications. Although everything is set for a bright future, there are still a lot of open questions. A multitude of different Docker usage patterns has been tried out. But what will survive when the gold rush is over ?

This talk presents several useful Docker patterns for Java Developers focused on the categories “Configuration”, “Service Discovery” and “Image Building”. You will meet commonly used patterns like ‘Configuration Container, ‘DNS Service Lookup’, ‘Dockerfile Template’ or the famous ‘Sidecar Pattern’, but also some more esoteric recipes like the ‘Wormhole’ pattern. Live demos explain these patterns in detail.

After the session you will have a good overview about popular and useful Docker patterns that are used in the real world.

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