Voxxed Days Athens Sessions


The Art of Visualising Software Architecture

Ask somebody in the building industry to visually communicate the architecture of a building and you’ll be presented with …



This is an informal history of numbers, from bundled sticks near the Nile to the supercomputer in your pocket. The machines …

Jessika Rose

Costs of the Cult of Expertise

Experts, senior developers, thought leaders – software development is obsessed with the idea of expertise. As individuals we…

Johan Janssen

Using actors for The Internet of (Lego) Trains

The session will cover when and how to use Akka HTTP and remote actors to create a new generation of applications. The results of the performance tests we did to compare the two options will be shown as well. A live demo is of course included.

Vangelis Ghiossis_small

Create a JEE Test Automation Framework with Cucumber.io and Selenium Webdriver

This presentation briefly introduces the motivation for Test Automation Frameworks and their benefits. Learn what cucumber.io is and how it brings together specification and test documentation & automation. How cucumber.io utilizes Gherkin, a natural language parser, to map with test execution and promote Behavior Driven Development. A hands-on example of the cucumber.io Java implementation integrated with Selenium Webdriver and Appium for Android apps


Boost your development productivity

This session presents available techniques and roadmaps on increasing your source code development process. Transform yourself, from traditional key stroked developer to source code generation professional and make the difference. Get familiar with available tools, architectural setups and best practices. Start building your own source code generation factory now! Enjoy productivity, while dramatically decreasing your actual involvement!


The Art of Visualising Software Architecture

Ask somebody in the building industry to visually communicate the architecture of a building and you’ll be presented with …


Docker Patterns

This talks present several Docker Patterns for container configuration, service discovery and image building. Several alternative solutions for these …


Turn your Java EE Monoliths into Microservices with WildFly Swarm

In this talk we will be introduced to WildFly Swarm, a sister project to WildFly, once known as the JBoss Application Server. WildFly has evolved into the Swiss Army knife of application servers providing …


360° monitoring of your services

“With microservices every outage is like a murder mystery” is a common banter. But it doesn’t have to be! This talk gives an overview on how to monitor …


Security issues and challenges when building novel web applications

At SIG, we have extensive experience in conducting secure code reviews and developing secure applications. In this talk, we will address the typical security pitfalls in modern web applications. We will also explain how developers can prevent them during the software development lifecycle.

Today’s modern application frameworks provide many security features that make applications more secure by default. At SIG, we have an extensive experience in performing secure code reviews and guiding software developers on how to implement security by design. …


Implementing binary protocols with Elixir

In this talk you’ll learn how to implement a binary protocol using Elixir. We look at binary pattern matching, de- and encoding of primitives, binary data frames and extracting tests from RFCs. We will also take a look at implementing HPACK as part of HTTP/2, so you learn some of that along the way.


Better security and privacy for your web apps

From Snowden to Heartbleed, Internet security and privacy have been at the forefront of public discourse lately and this is a good thing. We spend more time than ever online and the threats we are facing are becoming ever more serious. Modern Web standards and technologies provide us with a better toolset to protect our users….


The Java Community Process (JCP): Advance your career and help define Java’s future

This session includes advice on how developers can manage their careers and create opportunities for further advancement by participating in collaborative activities such as open-source development projects and the Java Community Process….


Mutation Testing to the rescue of your Tests

Unit testing ensures your production code is relevant. But what does ensure your testing code is relevant? Come discover mutation testing and make sure your never forget another assert again…


Taming the Dragon: Conquering non blocking code with RxJava

Non blocking communication can boost the performance and stability of your system enormously. The thing is, non blocking communication in classic, imperative code can quickly turn into a unmaintainable swamp of threads and callbacks.

Reactive Functional programming promises to make that more palatable, but introducing …


You can do better with Kotlin

The Kotlin programming language is gaining popularity amongst the Java developer community. It’s a modern language that gives more power in everyday routines. Kotlin code generally ….

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