The secret for high quality software: Listen to your people

The secret for high quality software: Listen to your people

Software is the DNA of our society.Most organizations though,seem not to care about the importance of it and the people creating it.So,it seems there are deficiencies in our current approach to software development.And if we have to describe here how we can help then “human contact” is the way.

Good teams and good products go hand in hand. But what is the secret of an effective team able to build high-quality software? Surveys indicate that developers feel their management neglects them and doesn’t invest on their skills improvement. Also, academic research relates happiness to high-quality software, meaning we cannot engineer the future without listening to our developers.

Yiannis & Evelyn will elaborate on the interplay between social and technical factors when building software. This includes the importance of tight and loose feedback loops, how communication patterns and organizational structures impact software development, and how to apply best practices for building highly productive software teams. Along the way, Yiannis & Evelyn will explain how to make architectural decisions more measurable by integrating 10 practical guidelines for maintainability in a CI/CD pipeline and share the most common pitfalls when it comes to measuring the quality of a software system.

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