Rizchel Dayao


Rizchel Dayao is a Developer Advocate at IBM in Denver, Colorado. Previously, she was a Developer Lead for the IBM Cloud and her team won the Eminence and Excellence Award in 2017, as well as the Manager’s Choice Award. She has helped facilitate IBM Design Thinking sessions and was part of the team to win the Tech Innovation Challenge Hackathon as an intern in 2014 at American Express. She graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Computer Science. When she’s not coding away, she enjoys playing with her two adorable pups and anything Harry Potter related!


Building Enterprise Level Applications with the Magic of React, Redux, and GraphQL

45' talk

Many of us are working on enterprise level applications but I often find myself frustrated and lost with how to architect an application in the beginning. There are many things we have to worry about when building large applications with lots of data and configurations. How do we know what …

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