Nikos Gkanatsios


Nikolaos Gkanatsios is an Electrical and Computer engineer with a B.Sc. and an M.Sc. from National Technical University of Athens. He is interested in applying Machine Learning techniques to real-life problems, combining multiple modalities. He is currently working for METIS CYBERSPACE TECHNOLOGY SA in Athens, Greece.


A scalable maritime platform providing services through an NLP-based intelligent personal assistant

45' Talk

In an era characterized by rapid technological evolution and massive data acquisition, humans find it progressively harder to compete with the increasing complexity of handling immense volumes of information. In maritime industry especially, employees face huge amounts of data that need to be processed in order to extract meaningful inference for vessels’ efficiency every day, striving to compete with these challenges. Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science are however able to lift this weight up, applying high computational power and smart, effective algorithms to organize, process and visualize tons of useful, yet hard to cope with, data….

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