Nick D. Dendris

Nick Dendris

Dr. Nick D. Dendris is a senior IT executive with 20+ years’ experience in the software industry, 10+ years’ experience in managerial positions, 4+ years’ experience in Sales and Partner Management at C-level. Currently he is a Software Unit Manager, in the International Technical Department of UniSystems.

Dr. Dendris is a seasoned digital executive, technology strategist and people leader, who, throughout his career, has served in all ranks of the software industry. From studying algorithms and AI in his academic days, to software developer and architect, technical project manager, sales executive, CTO, technology and innovation evangelist. He has led smaller and bigger teams, local and regional, has implemented Europe-wide projects, interacted and negotiated with CxOs, received and given due diligence, worked to patent new ideas and systems, built up cloud-based infrastructure that reached billions throughout the globe.

He understands technology, innovation, and the ever-present change they bring. He still writes code, remains in contact with technical matters, and strives for perfection and quality.

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