Natasa Manousopoulou


Natasa loves creating technology that makes a difference in people’s lives, and making a difference for people creating technology. She has been realizing these passions as a software engineer, technology consultant, architect, and CTO, and currently she is a director for internal technology communities on applications, data and AI technologies for Microsoft. A very long time ago she did her PhD in natural language processing and is excited to see what used to be a research topic now weaved into our everyday lives.


Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

45' Talk

Some people are looking forward to a world where AI will augment human intelligence and make us more successful and happy. Some others fear that the robots will get us in the end. The future is hard to predict, but many believe that the outcome depends a lot on the ethical posture of the people building and using AI. Starting today, how can we build and use every little piece of AI technology responsibly, and work towards creating positive impact for humans?

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