John Pagonis


Dr. John Pagonis helps organisations produce useful software and transform to agile ways of working. John has been in the software production business for 20 years and has served in many roles from CTO to Symbian OS C++ developer and from lead developer for machine learning systems to working on Linux infrastructure and back-end development in Ruby and C.

John assists organisations deliver and discover what they really ought to, by means of UX design and Scrum. His specialty lies with agile transformations, Scrum team coaching, requirements elicitation, requirements management and the integration of UX design into agile software production. He has managed teams in enterprise and startup environments. He also likes to teach.

John has a keen interest in software development productivity, operating systems, virtual machines and software archaeology, including the design of legacy systems and the human aspects that underlie them. He likes working with humans as much as he likes technology. John is obviously a geek and he would like, one day, to figure out why we don’t currently have as productive development environments as we once had with Smalltalk and Lisp!


UX design and back-ends: When the back-end meets the user

15' talk

How many times have you experienced this? The UI could not be built “right” because someone needed to do too much work at the back-end …so you ended up with a “not so great” (a.k.a totally miserable) UX for the poor users. Then it …

UX and UI Usability Principles for Developers

Half-day Workshop

In this session we explain the basic differences between UX and UI and we give a ruleset of 10 practical heuristics for making sure a UI has as few usability problems as possible. The participants will go away able to…

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