Getting Real with Progressive Web Apps in 2018

Fast Dive into React Native Development

With Safari 11.3 finally supporting Service Worker and Web App Manifest specs on par with Chrome, Firefox and Opera earlier this year [safari], what does this mean for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and, more importantly, the Web Platform in general? Businesses like Flipkart [flipkart 1, flipkart 2], Trivago [trivago], Tinder [tinder] and Uber [uber], to name a few, have adopted these technologies with positive returns, even prompting some people to name 2018 the “Year of the PWA” [yo]. The term “progressive web app” was coined three years ago by Francis Berriman and Alex Russell to describe apps that take advantage of features offered by modern web browsers [origin]. Today it is becoming increasingly important to understand what these technologies have to offer to the average web experience and how to practically apply them to the web of today.


[flipkart 1]

[flipkart 2]






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